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Here you can find examples of our engagements in different assignments. This is not a complete and exhaustive portfolio but should give you more insight and idea on what do we and how we do it in smart way. You may also want to follow us on our linkedin page

Pharma IT Application support


We have entered into a stable, well documented and process-oriented organisation within pharma industry.

One of the IT application support teams requested support in resolving legacy issues.

Making the long story short, analysis of the 'as-is' was based on the interviews with stakeholders (key team-members and partners) with pre-prepared questionaire and use of 5 why's technique. Additionally we have reviewed current roles and responsibilities and documentation of procesess and procedures used by the team.

The whole case was conducted in 4 weeks, together with the detailed analysis, planning of improvement actions and allignment of the internal team, line organisations, partners and vendors.

Successful implementation was only possible after buy-in of all and commitment.

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Telco network deplyment and optimisation

Most of you have heard about PRINCE, not many though know what it stands for - projects in controlled environments.
There are so many projects that are run in a undisciplined manner. This one is a good example from a scandinavian network operator.

They had great performing network, reaching highest ranks in benchmarks, they have decided to modernise their network, swap existing supplier, reuse network resources, launch new services - guess what, it didn't work.

Operator was not meeting product launches committed to the market, on top reciving customer complains directly and on social media, roll-out plans far behind the schedule, shareholders thinking of moving away from the project.

Before we joined there was a dedicated project team established, even a global team landed on the ground, all were trying to calm customer down and focusing to hit the numbers customer was saying to be correct.

A continuous dialogue approach with customer was crucial to recover trust and bring network performance back on track, and beating historical results.

Let me quote the customer CEO - you proved the point that leading by example and taking responsibility and actions when times are tough cannot be overestimated.


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Legal protection of an IT project


IT project management is associated with the appropriate legal protection, therefore the client should consider answering lots of questions prior to project execution, securing his interests in the implementation of the project, some of these are:


  • Can we specify the final product that is to be created during the project implementation or maybe it will be created in stages, and subsequent decisions will be made during the project implementation?

  • Are the client's human resources sufficient for the overall implementation of the project, or is it necessary to recruit expert personnel?

  • What will be the project deadline?

  • What is the budget that we have / can afford for project implementation and what will be the payment scheme?

  • How much do I want to participate to the project?

  • How do we realise additional work under the project, will they be entrusted to one team, or maybe some of the tasks should be subcontracted?

  • What will be the main principles of managing the key personnel implementing the project?

  • Do I want the contractor to undertake the work to industry-specific standards, or is it sufficient for the overall diligence required to complete the IT project in each industry?

  • How do I want to control the quality of performed tasks, or maybe it is worth outsourcing an audit of project tasks to an external entity?

  • How to protect the intellectual property rights created as part of the project?

  • How will we establish the liability for damages during the project implementation (amounts, limits, exclusions)?

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Next case will come soon

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